AICN Continued

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Seems as if many users are leaving that site….HA!! Serves them right for being maniacal, tyrannical assholes! They got that tool Devin from CHUD there now? Man that place is really going to hell isn’t it?

The Choppah is quite displeased with his forced exit from AICN, but alas, I shall endure, as will the many more that will inevitably leave that site, seeing as it is run by a bunch a fascist pigs. The Choppah will post and comment on cool happenings in the movie world, as well as leaving my own tidbits of wisdom. You will read, enjoy and learn, courtesy of THE CHOPPAH.

  1. ThomasJarvis says:

    What’s the deal with that Devin guy? I never did get the full low-down on how he ended up getting outsted from his own site…

  2. I wanna fuck your mouth Choppah….but I’ll wait my turn cause your Dad called firsties

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