Douchebag….The Movie?????

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok, I just read that a movie called Douchebag is coming out soon. It seems it’s about a dude who helps some other dude find his fifth grade girlfriend.

Although at first I thought the movie might have been about Harry Knowles and his buddy Beaks….

Here is a link to the trailer if you wish to check it out, but seriously if you need to see what Douchebags do, just head over to AICN.

  1. FumpDibbidy says:

    But will it be endorsed by Summers Eve or Spencer Pratt? Inquiring minds are inquiring!

  2. Maxjohnson1971 says:

    Glad to see they can’t keep Tha Choppa down. Fuck AICN. I’m sure Harry will get his good friend Robert Rodriquez to direct.


    Douchebag: The Movie? Hmm, is that the AICN biopic?

  4. I wanna fuck your mouth Choppah….but I’ll wait my turn cause your Dad called firsties

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