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Go ahead and post till your heart’s content, CHOPlings.

Boy, has Aint It Cool News gone to shit or what?

  1. Yeah, I have issues with the integrity at AICN.

    I mean sure it’s alright to make some bucks advertising movies and whatnot. But then don’t pretend you’re objective anymore with the reviews…maybe they shouldn’t review films they run ads for.

    Newspapers review film and also advertise film…but they post ALL the ads for ALL the movies from ALL the studios on the same page. Integrity is maintained.

    The only other way to do it is full disclosure–and have fun with it. Something like, “Yeah guys and gals–time for Social Network, which we’ve been plugging here for a while. Great new work from Fincher, you’ve GOT to check it out!”

    No pretenses there, just come right out with it. Oh, and it helps to learn more about the English language.

  2. Cool Britannia says:

    Hey Choppah, nice place, fucvk AICN I’m sick of those overweight nerds spewing their shit around.

  3. thechoppah says:


    Be sure to spread the word throughout AICN.

    Lets leave that place bereft of fun and quality.



    • tomservosgumballs says:

      I think I just chopped myself on AICN. The banhammer will get me shortly….(see the Ghost Rider talkback). Where’s a longtime lurker to go now?

      • thechoppah says:


        Here, of course! Or for the cool news.

        CHOPPAH will be posting a lot of open threads and other cool shit for you guys to fuck around with

        Mi casa su casa, hombres.

  4. FumpDibbidy says:

    Yo Chop… can we change our avatars? dont like this squiggly shit (but its 1000000x better than my non-existent aicn avatar)

  5. Pawprint says:

    I heard this was a safe haven from the shitstorm at AICN…. brave man risked his AICN screenname to get the link to us.

  6. Magnafique says:

    AICN — you’re days are numbered.


  7. Maxjohnson1971 says:

    I think that fat fuck in arms Devin put a bug in the ear of Harry and said “Hey, look at the rules we had at CHUD. See how civilized our forums are?” He left out the part about them being boring. Seriously, do Knowles and Co. think that the fun of that site was the old news? The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day? Nope. It was getting on those talkbacks, and even if you never posted, it sure as hell was some fun reading. I’ll stick around here for a bit. Seems like it’ll be more fun anyway. Later Choppah!!

  8. garybuseys_incisors says:

    Good to see ya, CHOPPAH.

    I’m not too familiar with Devin and CHUD. Who the hell is he and what’s his deal?

  9. Melange a Trois says:

    From what I have gathered, and observed…..Devin was one of the main contributors at CHUD. He actually can write reasonable, well-thought reviews, and he has pretty darn good knowledge of film.

    Unfortunately, he is very thin-skinned…very condescending toward those who may have differing opinions….and if he is indeed going to be at AICN, I fear the worst. But my understanding is that there was a falling out between Devin & Nick Nunziata (the big dog at CHUD) regarding his Fantestic Fest pieces, so he brought them to AICN. Praying it’s only temporary.

  10. MacReady452 says:

    Fresh off my AICN banning. I knew THE_CHOPPAH was more than just a mental patient who can post really quickly. Honestly, CHOP, can you type with your feet? I swear you are using 3 pc’s with 2 windows open on each. Also, I think your feet are members of the Tea Bag party.


    Fucking hate that Devin guy. The guy’s a complete jerk and I still haven’t forgiven him for his bullshit Dark Knight review over at CHUD.

    • Maxjohnson1971 says:

      Have any of you seen the sticky on the forums at CHUD? Man, it is like the fucking Gestapo is in charge of that place. Seems to be bleeding in over at AICN. But if The Choppah recommends slashfilm, I’ll start going there. I’ve looked at it a few times, but to be honest, AICN was my favorite. Not anymore though. Hell, half the stuff there lately was links to Empire and Latino Review. Latino Review!!! Don’t guess Harry’s good friend had anything to do with that huh? And Beaks is a fuckwad.

  12. Maxjohnson1971 says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. When is D. Vader gonna show?

  13. Cheeses_of_Nazareth says:

    CHOPPAH!!!! This place is nice…I knew SOMEBODY would take up the torch and go completely Old Testament Moses on AICN….I just never expected it would be you…For, real…

    Thanks for pulling a life raft for dissenters to escape in during the embargo…

  14. darrenspool says:

    I got banned because I remarked about the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE review by that tosser Devin.

  15. I wanna fuck your mouth Choppah….but I’ll wait my turn cause your Dad called firsties

  16. Stereotypical Evil Archer says:

    I was banned for putting D.Vader into the titles of Tarantino movies, like Inglorius D.Vader and Kill D.Vader Vol. 1. That’s all I did and I was banned. I totally respected the Sally Menke obit as well and didn’t post in that talkback. I followed Beaks’s rules and the asshole still banned me. Was Beaks sleeping with Sally? I mean that’s some serious vengeful artist worship, bordering on full out psycho.

    I emailed Harry to ask him about it and all he said was, “If you shit on someone’s carpet don’t be surprised when you’re asked to leave.”

    I was poking fun at the pointless banning of D.Vader through Tarantino titles… It’s called parody. How is that “shitting” on AICN’s carpet? It’s fucking AICN; we’ve seen tons of uncivil arguments, abusive posts, and even suicidal calls for help. Yet I get banned for showing some dark humor.

    I think all of this may have something to do with Harry’s takeover of Famous Monsters; like some kind of corporate or upper management interference. Maybe they’re trying to clean up AICN, so they can sell it. Looking for that almighty dollar that isn’t worth shit.

    • FireFriendly says:

      Agree 100%. AICN is a total contradiction. It started as a refreshing everyman antidote to the ‘holier-than-thou’ attitudes of film-buff magazines and had a genuinely punk-rock ‘stick it to the man’ feel about it.

      Now its just a cynical, shallow, money-grabbing shadow of what it used to represent. A bit like the Sex Pistols or Glastonbury.

      The worse thing is it still uses that shitty web-template as some veneer of indie credibility. Two words Knowles: Edit Function

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