Christine O’Donnell gets HOTTER

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized


  1. William_Faulkner says:

    Do you really think it’s in good taste to go into an obituary TB and derail the talkback to discuss why CHOPPAH and RPLocke have been banned?

    CHOPPAH was banned because he was being a dick in an obituary TB. I saw it. I don’t know what RPLocke was doing, but I imagine it was the same.

    Vader should have known when to pick his battles, but going into an obituary to start up about CHOPPAH and Locke…he picked a lost cause at the wrong moment…and he got banned…and he was lucky enough to have been given a warning, even if he didn’t take heed to read it.

    I’m not a mod, just an observer.

  2. THE_CHOPPAH says:

    I would had SO made a mess in O’Donnell’s mouth on July 19th, 1999 …

  3. THE_CHOPPAH says:

    Maybe on her titties, too.

  4. William_Faulkner says:


  5. Johnnycakes says:

    The real William Faulkner wouldn’t waste his time fucking around on Internet movie sites. You, sir, dishonor his name.

  6. fumpdibbidy says:

    i like william faulkner… he reminds me that my life is damn sweet compared to his… i mean, i hate Justib bieber but i would never spend time at a pro-bieber website spewin “hate”… so william, i salute you (for havin a shiity and useless life)!

  7. William_Faulkner says:

    You’re all AICN addicts…and you’re all weak-minded. You are Harry’s slaves, and you will continue to visit his site, to click on these talkbacks over and over again, and put money in Harry’s pockets.

    You cannot stop…you are weak and lonely, and you have invested so much time there that you just can’t leave.

    • fumpdibbidy says:

      william faulkner, youre addicted to choppahs dick… youre weak minded and will continue to come back to prove that you want choppahs dick in and around your mouth… and you are willin to put money into choppahs pockets if he would be kind to let you fellate it… the problem is, choppah is not a homosexual like you as you prove with each postin here… so, go back to aicn where you can suck on beaks nonexistent dick…

  8. thechoppah says:

    Oh, and Faulkner, one more thing, chief:

    Thanks for stoppin’ by. Your view is always welcome here.

    You have been CHOPPED many a time, but you are resilient. CHOPPAH admires that.

    You may have a little CHOPPAH in you yet (and I ain’t talkin about my johnson, either!)

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