Open thread for Saturday

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I know my CHOPlings are usually out painting the town brown or red or pink (not that THE_CHOPPAH thinks there’s anything wrong with that!) on Saturdays, but if you’ve got some time to waste, here’s a place for you to do a little CHOPPING before you pump your spunk into the outside world!


  1. fumpdibbidy says:

    in the future there should be a “peoples court” section where the Choplings get to argue their cases with the Choppah presiding over the issues…

  2. Just saw the link for this site on Beaks’ Fright Night cameo spoiler he took from another site. I just thought I’d stop by, leave a comment, bookmark the site, and show my support for open discussion.

    Keep choppin’, dude.

    I was a long time reader at AICN, but I never really signed up to post any responses until recently. I did enjoy reading the talkback though.

  3. garybuseys_incisors says:

    Ahh unlike Ain’t it Cool, CHOPPAH actually posts on the weekend. Good to see!

  4. garybuseys_incisors says:

    Found 3 cool stories that Ain’t it Cool hasn’t posted. Though Harry’s excuse is probably that he hasn’t heard from one of his “friends” about either of them and so they’re just rumors (even though Ain’t it Cool used to post all sorts of fun and awesome rumors back in the day).

    J.K. Rowling may be writing Harry Potter 8 and 9:

    Venom for Spidey reboot? And played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

    Wonder Woman Live Action TV Series by David E. Kelley?

  5. Mike Oxlong says:

    Cool! Now what?



  7. OBEY says: average of 4 comments a post..

    Yeah you’re sure showing them.

    You’re a grade A retard man.

    No I don’t work for AICN
    No I am not a defender of that fat bag of shit.
    Yes you are pathetic.

    • thechoppah says:


      You’re such a fag. Who ever said this was supposed to take down AICN? Yea they have been around how long? 15 years? This blog has been active for a few days. Get a life dickhead, no one is expecting this blog to outdo AICN. Calling me pathetic? You are pathetic for coming here asshole.

      Stay the fuck away then if were all such losers douchebag.




    • FireFriendly says:

      Would’ve been 3 posts if you weren’t such a bitter cock

  8. I wanna fuck your mouth Choppah….but I’ll wait my turn cause your Dad called firsties

  9. William_Faulkner says:

    What a ridiculous and lame attempt at humor.

  10. THE_CHOPPAH says:

    MJ…Don’t go projecting your own insecurities on THE_CHOPPAH…

    We all know how you love to masturbate to child pornography…Just keep that shit on Ain’t it Cock-sucking, okay? There’s a LOT of pedophile ass fucking going on over there…

    This place is for adults only…

  11. What are you talking about, your site is the FUBU of Pedophilia: For Pedophiles By Pedophiles. You aren’t satifsfied with just kid porn , you actually tear little boy butt. You disgust me….and your site is fuckin gay………………….CHOPPED…….on your own site

  12. William_Faulkner says:

    Vader claims he didn’t read the talkback, right?

    Then why the hell was he asking if CHOPPAH or RPLocke were banned for something in that talkback? Huh? If he was curious about that very question, then he should have just read the talkback to find the answer. He posted before thinking, and he paid the price.

  13. William_Faulkner says:

    Consider yourselves all very, very lucky if Vader’s banning is the worst thing going on in your lives right now.

  14. Six Demon Bag says:

    Faulkner you fucking douche. It is common knowledge for the last week that DVader heard on another thread that a few had been banned and queried as such. Then he followed it up in the MenkeBack. Regardless going off topic is hardly banworthy obit or not.

  15. MacReady452 says:

    Oh man…….Faulkner and MJ AND CHOPPAH all in one place? Targets acquired. TRIGGER THE CHARGES!!!!!!

  16. William_Faulkner says:

    Vader kept going off, even after reading Beaks warning. That’s why he really doesn’t deserve any sympathy. None of us have ever had the luxury of a warning before we’ve been banned.

  17. FireFriendly says:

    I read AICN for 8 years. Posted infrequently and when I did it was to voice outrage at the shoddy criticism, money-grabbing nepotism and vindictive talkback comments. I came on this site via link at AICN this morning and seriously cannot believe that people would waste their time spewing such bile and vitriol at Choppa for running this site.

    OBEY and MJ area at serious risk of having a heart attack. Life’s too short guy’s.

    As for me, I applaud Choppa’s brass balls in taking on the site that has become such a tragic imitation of what it set out to be.

    I’ll be heading up the English regiment of the Choppa army for sure. Keep it up dude

    • William_Faulkner says:

      This site is primitive. Amateurish. Whoever Choppah is, he sure ain’t a real writer or a critic. Have fun hanging out here. Meantime, I’ll be at AICN reading real movie news, reviews and interviews.

  18. Hi5Effect says:

    ha! the choppah has exposed himself to all of the biggest asswipes at AICN! Enjoy dude.
    Personally, after all the work it must have taken to clean up the irate flame-posts of angry Talkbackers, I have to think a conversation took place between Harry and Beaks along the lines of “What have we learned from this that we should have learned from 38 Special lyrics?”
    “Hold on loosely?”
    “So I shouldn’t arbitrarily ban for minor offenses?”
    “EXACTLY! Next week we’re gonna tackle religion in ‘Spirit in the Sky.'”

  19. fumpdibbidy says:

    i wrote a email to Harry about my 2nd banishment in a week, and quint replied saying he was not the one to ban me (i figured he had somethin to do with my banning since i was sorta pesterin him with questions)… he said he figured someone else has a itchy ban finger… with him sayin that, i believe even the contributors are feelin the anger of these senseless bannings… so, Quint is cool with me (but not as cool as Capone but definitely way cooler than ginger fat fuck)

  20. William_Faulkner says:

    You people…what, all five of you.

    You think that you’re striking a blow against AICN’s tens of thousands of daily hits.

    Harry and Beaks are laughing at you and are probably glad to be rid of your presence…that is the ones of you who can bear to stay away from Harry’s site.

  21. fumpdibbidy says:

    the sad thing about william faulkner is (besides his depressingly sad life) that his presense here is actually helpin… bringin the fight here will keep the fights away at aintitcocknews, which means tbs will turn to utter shit, which means harry will commit suicide when gi joe 2 doesnt send him a nifty action figure… Choppah, dont ban Faulkner! let his sad ass come here hourly and get humilated…


    You gotta love how Faulkner keeps coming here to mock people who come here.

    I wish I could post LOLCats on here.

  23. thechoppah says:

    Faulkner….”You think that you’re striking a blow against AICN’s tens of thousands of daily hits.”….No asshole. nobody here thinks that.

    Listen fuckface, no one is delusional enough to think we are going to take down AICN, nor has that ever been said. I just did this for fun asshole, so fuck off and go back to AICN and spread your stupid bullshit there pal, ok? Fuck off.

  24. fumpdibbidy says:

    i was yourSTEPDADDY the night before Dvade Day occurred then i was thetokenblacktber… but now im “fuck you aicn” (its not my handle, its my mantra)

  25. garybuseys_incisors says:

    Lol why is Beaks wasting his time coming over here to comment? I’ll stick with /film or even fucking IGN for my movie news now. IGN had that Emma Stone as Mary Jane article up 2-3 days before AICN did. They also have news on possible more Harry Potter books, Wonder Woman live action tv series, and a rumor of Phillip Seymour Hoffman to play Venom in the new Spidey.

  26. Maxjohnson1971 says:

    William Faulkner = Pathetic Douche

  27. Maxjohnson1971 = Pathetic Fag… why don’t you jump off a bridge like your Rutgers University lover

  28. and one more thing…………………………………………………………CHOPPED!

  29. William_Faulkner says:

    The Choppah is Skyway_Moaters….I know this for a fact.

  30. MacReady452 says:

    This place is really taking off. CHOPPPAH…start banning people out of here. It will legitimize your site.

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