Amy Adams to be in new Muppet movie

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

When she really needs to star in my home movie, with me

But The Choppah will accept her in a new Muppet movie, even though the Muppets themselves all sound different, as if they are possessed……..

  1. fumpdibbidy says:

    Amy and Isla Fisher should play incestuous twin sisters… who rape people in home invasion flicks (bet aintitcocknews would love it)

  2. thechoppah says:

    This isn’t really big news, but still, AICN aint reporting about it, and they report on the littlest most insignificant things, can’t imagine how they missed this…..oh yea, because the Muppets don’t have harry’s fat ass on their payroll.

    • fumpdibbidy says:

      keep the good work Choppah! if you do, you got a lifetime member outta me. plus i gots so much extra time now while bein on the net so i need another hangout spot. and maybe one day william faulkner can use this blog for a scoop

  3. D.Vader says:

    CHOPPAH outscoops AICN! Course, it aint hard to do nowadays…

  4. fumpdibbidy says:

    i advertised the blog to my aicn buddies on twitter… even though its only 1 person… thats a start right?

  5. thechoppah says:

    It’s a start my chopling, but you must continue to spread the word, through others if you must, but preach my chopling….PREACH!!!!

  6. garybuseys_incisors says:

    Amy Adams is teh hot.

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