John Landis Back from the Dead…to Choppah’s delight!

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

JOHN LANDIS, the mastermind behind many 80s comedy classics has remerged from obscurity and scandal to take the comedy reins from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen.

If this doesnt make your nether’s squirm, then please queue up some of these flicks:

American Werewolf in London
Spies Like Us
Three Amigos
Innocent Blood
The Blues Brothers
ANIMAL HOUSE!! (im looking at you Beaks!!)
Trading Places
Coming to America
Amazon Women on the Moon
and the one that started it all…Kentucky Fried Movie!

each and everyone of them classics!

Joe Dante and Ivan Reitman–the guantlet has been thrown down!

  1. fumpdibbidy says:

    Coming to America, the GREATEST 80s comedy… didnt know Landis did it so thanks for the knowledge Chops!

  2. thechoppah says:

    YES!! Eddie Murphys last film.

    That fucker is dead to me he owes me 10 dollars.

  3. FireFriendly says:

    Was that Ronnie Corbett as the Militia captain at the end? Genius casting!

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