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THE CHOPPAH would like to express his gratitude that Peter Jackson came to his senses and manned the fuck up.  I’m sure he got a sweet deal outta this too.  I’m sure the Oscar winning director was a big chip in this getting made and re-greenlit in the first place.  Now lets get this fucker into theaters before any more monetary problems happen to it.

  1. William_Faulkner says:

    Congrats are legitimately in order. You scooped AICN.

    I bow before the powah of the Chop….


  2. thechoppah says:

    Nice to see you’re coming around, Billy.

    A CHOP’s gotta do what a CHOP’s gotta do.

  3. MacReady452 says:

    the cream is rising to the top. It is a true testament to your work ethic CHOPPAH that you are scooping “movie sites”. I knew that someone who posts in seconds on top of himself MUST have the research abilities to bring me my news first.

  4. thechoppah says:

    i DO rule. I AM ALL. I AM EVERYWHERE. and the other sites cannot compete

  5. Magnafique says:

    See–this is what has been missing at a certain other movie site for years: ballsy, concise, authoritative scoops.

    And one other thing has ALWAYS been missing at a certain other movie site: articles without snoreworthy personal anecdotes, some of which run on for hundreds if not thousands of words.

    We want cool movie news.

    We don’t want to hear about your girlfriend, the geeky friend sitting in front of you, what you fucking ate for breakfast, or what you think about the upcoming elections.

    THANK you, Chop, for bringing it all back to the basics.

    You know, I don’t even care if it turns out to be true that Jackson is directing THE HOBBIT. I don’t even care.

    Give me a cool movie site with balls.


  6. Johnnycakes says:

    Ballsacks! I was really looking forward to a Rankin and Bass-style reimagining.

  7. D.Vader says:

    William Faulkner giving props to the CHOP? Now that’s impressive.

  8. STLost says:

    Nice work, Choppah, sir!

  9. fumpdibbidy says:

    the Choppah did it again! but this news is meh to me…

  10. thechoppah says:

    Thank you Choplings for the kindness and support…THE CHOPPAH will continue to bring his minions all they deserve!

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