Social Commentary: CHOPPAH finally endorses TV on DVD!

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

THE CHOPPAH is mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore!!  Every year networks attempt to seduce us with the NEXT BIG THING and every year there might be one show worthy that makes it for a season renewal.  CHOPPAH tries to keep up with first run episodes, reruns, DVR, downloadable from iTunes episodes and online free episodes but it is maddening…even for your CHOPPAH.

After all the hype and critical laudings of a few shows, CHOPPAH let his guard down and tried some rookie shows–perhaps you’ve heard of them.

LONE STAR–seems harmless and it got postive reviews, but I can’t seem to find it anymore on TV and FOX has all but erased it from their website.  I guess CHOPPAH will watch the second half of Dancing With the cannot get enough Bergeron.

MY GENERATION–this WAS the show that spoke to me, as a young cool twentysomething, it spoke to ME dammit! All my worlds problems explained to me and solved inbetween bland advertisments in hourly doses. I dug this show and now those cowards at ABC pulle dit in favor of ANOTHER whiny doctor serial. You’re suspect ABC, and THE CHOPPAH is watching…always. I am still pissed at you for cancelling FLASHFORWARD.

Now, it pains THE CHOPPAH to say that the great Jimmy Smits, so rocking in L.A. LAW (I heard) and NYPD Blue and The West Wing is unemployed because his show OUTLAW has halted production.  I didn’t even know it started!  Now you can see my frustration..some of these shows were cancelled before they even aired due to lack of publicity.  Yet THE EVENT is airing like its trying to compete single handedly with the LAW & ORDER franchise!

I have faith in two more shows that THE CHOPPAH will spend its precious time with–CHASE and BLUE BLOODS.  Cole Hauser and Donnie Walhberg are always a good watch. Plus any chance to see Selleck’s Moustache in HD is good enough for me…

Other than that, THE CHOPPAH has resorted to waiting for the shows to hit DVD in season set before rolling the loaded dice on these also-rans. I’m done wasting my time and getting my hopes up with new shows that limp to the finish line (if they are lucky) and then put out to pasture only to be shot in the kneecaps.

Well, my little Choplings…what do you watch?


  1. FireFriendly says:

    I live in England and to be honest 80% of the TV I watch is US stuff off torrents. Boardwalk Empire is a particular favourite at the moment. Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy is keeping me entertained.

    Can’t wait for The Walking Dead too! Love the comics

  2. thechoppah says:

    BRING ON WALKING DEAD!! DARABONT makes mouths happy!

  3. Melange a Trois says:

    Well then Choppah, allow me to recommend SUPERNATURAL. Seasons 1 thru 5 are available now on DVD, and season 6 will air its 3rd episode tomorrow night. It starts out as a sort of monster of the week, but is still good thanks to the snappy dialogue.

    Once its long-term arc kicks in though….it’s the tits. The bee’s knees. Totally boss. And all sorts of nasties get stabbed, shot, skewered, and yes….even CHOPPED.

  4. breadfan says:

    Try ‘Justified’, best new series from last year. It has a slow (ish) start but really builds into unmissable TV by the end of the season.

  5. fumpdibbidy says:

    Hourlongs: SUPER fuckin NATURAL, Terriers on fx (best new hourlong out there), and Dexter
    Sitcoms/Comedies: Always Sunny (even though it seems less funny), Community (so fuckin funny and great that i usually have to watch it twice to “get” everything), and South Park

    • FireFriendly says:

      I second Justified. That scene where the Miami hitmen were scoping out Olliphant’s character (his name’s escaped me) in their car and he just jumps in the back seat and basically tells them to fuck off or he’ll blow them away next time he see’s them was gold

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