CHOPPAH Approves Pacino-cast Spector biopic!

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

HBO plans to put together a Phil Spector biopic and has zeroed in on Al Pacino to portray the “wall of sound” music legend, according to the New York Times. At first mention, the casting seems sensible—sure, why not have Pacino play Spector? He’d be great, of course. But then, when you look at photos of the pair next to each other, it all comes together. Look at these two here! Isn’t the resemblance ridiculously uncanny? Pacino, of course, has a knack for bringing real-life people to life, as he did in two other HBO projects—Jack Kevorkian in this year’s You Don’t Know Jack and Roy Cohn in  Angels in America (Man, this guy likes HBO.) Of course, Pacino has been great in many things. But methinks this might just be the perfect pairing—if not only for the acting, but also for the follicular similarity.

  1. Magnifique says:

    Fuckin A. Another scoop from DA CHOPPAH!!!

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