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Much to the chagrin of some fans, the films of John Carpenter are proving to be fertile ground for remakes and offshoots. Halloween, The Thing and Escape From New York are just a sampling. Along with the developing plans for Escape From New York, there may at some point be a new version of They Live, which originally cast ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper as a man who learns that aliens have infiltrated America’s ruling classes and are flooding commerce with subliminal messages.

At the New York Comic Con, The Thing producer Eric Newman talked about the possible remake, offering up the name of the current writer and noting that the special sunglasses that were key to the original film might be phased out of the remake.

io9 talked to Eric Newman, who said that Dan “D.B.” Weiss, currently working on Game of Thrones for HBO, is writing a draft of They Live. Problem at the moment being that Mr. Weiss has a lot of work to do for Game of Thrones at the moment, so it’ll be next year at least before things really move forward on this remake.

The producer also said, when asked if the remake would have the sunglasses that allowed Roddy Piper to see the true nature of our alien visitors:

We’re discussing that. I’d like to say that really, a vagrant wandering around the streets could get you to try on his sunglasses, if he would leave you alone afterwards. He may even pay you $100, “Hey put these on.” So we’re kind of exploring different versions of what is that thing that allows you to see. But I’m not going to tell you what it is.

Pressed further, he said, “It might be something different than sunglasses.”

in the meantime, while you ruminate over how the fuck they can replace keith david and rowdy roddy, feast on this:

  1. FumpDibbidy says:

    Choppah I got a scoop for you! check this out… this is another reason why I hates DC police

  2. winona_ryders_pussy_juice says:

    Is a boycott of AICN actually happening? Talkbacks seem to be a ghost town the last couple days. lol

    Free D.Vader!

    • winona_ryders_pussy_juice says:

      did they ban i.p. addresses too? they banned mine. (for the 3rd time :P) Not a smart move. The only reason I go there is to witness and participate in the mayem in the talkbacks.

    • thechoppah says:

      Yes, CHOPPAH senses a boycott is happening.

      But it’s not all about Vader, though. So many things came to a head over there.

      You are welcome to come here and CHOP away, though, Winona. Tell your friends, too. CHOPPAH makes no money from this. His only satisfaction is your enjoyment.

      CHOPPAH will continue to publish timely, relevant movie news while he works on an even bigger project………

  3. breadfan says:

    Love me some ‘They Live’. Saw this as a thirteen year old and spent the next 3 months wearing Ray-bans looking for the OBEY signs…

  4. thechoppah says:

    you are ALL welcome here my friends!

  5. thechoppah says:


    yes there is a boycott happening..and as far as im concerned its indefinite! that place is old news..they havent even bothered to add any mad max news or anything. just corporate shills with no sense of are free to bring anyone you wish over here..all are welcome.

  6. Johnnycakes says:

    CHOPPAH means it so much he said it twice! Who knew CHOPPAH would be so friendly ……

  7. thechoppah says:

    CHOPPAH appreciates his followers and readers unlike other fatass operated sites.

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