The new Conan movie has tits GALORE!!! Gets thumbs up from THE CHOPPAH!!!

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Conan the Barbarian, Uncategorized

Careful now Choplings, these pics are NSFW!!!!!!!

Click and enjoy my legion!!!!

Continue reading if you dare!


  1. Melange a Trois says:

    Let’s see…..

    Mead…check. Scantily clad ladies….check. Conan displaying mirth…check.

    Now, as soon as we get some pics of barbaric violence, I may feel a bit better about this new Conan film. Who am I kidding? I love Conan. I’m seeing this one regardless.

  2. thechoppah says:

    Yeahr! CHOPPAH like.

  3. winona_ryders_pussy_juice says:

    first stuff I’ve seen from this movie that looks good. some lost interest has been restored.


    Jason Momoa is hawt! I would love to bang him in the Conan get up!

  5. Needs more titty…..and vag…..and anus…….yep

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