Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized



  1. Maxjohnson1971 says:


    And have you looked at that thing lately? Posts on the talkbacks are WAAAAAY down. And Harry must really be on that bomb, cause he is MIA. Either that or he is stuck in his wheelchair at a McDonalds in Austin, gorging on Big Macs and milkshakes, stroking it to Yoko.

    • thechoppah says:

      Yep! They broke 1,000 TBs in one day since the D.Vader shit just yesterday. And that’s because it’s been a huge movie news week.

      But Harry says they got a billion hits over the last 4 months. Wonder how much of that is pre-boycott (if he ain’t lying like a dog).

  2. breadfan says:

    They deserve all they get, hell of a way to treat it’s most loyal TBers.

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