Amy Adams and Rashida Jones in the New Muppets Movie?

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

From Vulture:

No Strings Attached: Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, and Rashida Jones are on the cusp of teaming up withJason Segal as the human stars of the untitled, upcoming Muppet movie, where Jim Henson’s creations will “reunite to put on a show in order to save a movie studio.” (The story is by Segal and Get Him To The Greek director Nicholas Stoller.) Adams would play Segal’s girlfriend, Cooper would play the greedy villain, and Jones would play an ABC executive. Shooting may start as early as next month.

THE_CHOPPAH loves him some Muppets. I got my first boner from Janice, the blond in the band.

  1. fumpdibbidy says:

    im surprised rashida never dropped a rap/rnb album seein as who is her father… hopefully she dont think bout it now seein as shes jive famous now

  2. Oprah's Minge says:

    Meh. No interest in this movie. Guess Jason Segal got cast because of his Muppet shtick in Saving Sarah Silverman.

  3. thechoppah says:

    the muppets will always be held dear to his still waiting for the dark crystal 2

  4. TedKordLives says:

    Amy Adams is effin’ perfect for a muppet movie! She’s just so damn sweet-looking…

  5. garybuseys_incisors says:

    The Muppets rule. And that’s a good picture of Jones. Mmm…

  6. D.Vader says:

    Can Rashida Jones wear just that outfit for the whole movie, please?

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