Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

THE CHOPPAH loves to tell people that he was right all along but here we go:  The Hobbit will be made after all, with news just breaking that it was given the greenlight to start production in February. As as stated before, Peter Jackson WILL BE directing.


‘The Hobbit’ has been greenlit and will start production in February, an individual close to the production has told TheWrap.

As TheWrap reported previously, Peter Jackson has agreed to direct the film in addition to producing and writing the two-part project.

In the final agreement this week, Jackson’s deal was finalized and MGM and Warner Brothers agreed to give the project its greenlight.

Sets have already been built in New Zealand, and actors – including Sir Ian McKellan – have been on hold for months.

  1. breadfan says:

    About goddamn time…

  2. AlvisHork says:


  3. thechoppah says:

    AICN still doesn’t have this shit. Man, they have absolutely NO balls when it comes to reporting on any movie that has fuck all to do with Peter Jackson. They’re too afraid they might hurt their “good friend’s” feelings by posting something prematurely I guess.

    Fuck. I remember when AICN was cutting edge–bad ass. Still has some good articles and interviews, but the “movie scoop” days are over. Too bad.

  4. Great…will all the Hobbits be played by Jews?

  5. thechoppah says:

    The Hobbits will be played by Woody Allen, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, and Til Schweiger aka Hugo Stiglitz, for your information MJ.

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