We’re moving… to THE CHOP SHOP!

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Go to dachopshop.wordpress.com, my Choplings. All new CHOPPAH articles will be published there.


  1. Chopped Dick says:

    Why you ask?

    Because choppah knows jack chop about creating a readership, keeping blog stats, creating a following and posting something every day..

    that isnt um.30 year old book reviews and 4 year old film reviews..oh and D list porn stars..forgot about those.

    Good luck buddy..you’ll need it..

  2. thechoppah says:

    Thanks, Beaks. Always good to hear from the AICN big boys.

    Man, THE CHOPPAH must’ve really hurt your feelings.

    I sorry. CHOPPAH kiss it and make it better?

  3. Chopped Dick says:


    I dont work for aint it fat news. Track my IP (if you know how in that 10 cent head of yours) if you don’t believe me…its pretty simple using WP

    Just someone who sees you calling people at other websites “friends” when you have none (obviously).

    By the looks of things..you dont have many followers either.

  4. thechoppah says:

    IP addresses don’t mean shit. I’ll assume you knew that but were hoping I didn’t. LOL! Like I’d think that all AICN moderators would be using the same IP range (or even static IP addresses for that matter). And–yeah, Dick–I know all about proxy servers too.

    Man, you’re a pretty myopic troll to give all this attention to lil’ ol’ me. Methinks that, given your fondness for ellipses, you are that worthless hunk of junk that magically appeared a couple of months back known round AICN parts as “William Faulkner.” What a sad little man you are.

    But–please. Do keep writing your obsessive little love notes to me. I’m enjoying your petty, mewling attempts to win my affection! XO!

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